United States House of Representatives expected to vote on resolution promoting Trauma-Informed Care, recognizing work of Wisconsin-based Fostering Futures

Milwaukee, Wis. – July 14, 2017 – The work of Wisconsin-based initiative Fostering Futures is being recognized as part of House Resolution 443, which acknowledges the importance and effectiveness of trauma-informed care. A vote on H.R. 443 is expected in the United States House of Representatives within the coming weeks.

Members of the Fostering Futures steering committee, including First Lady Tonette Walker, worked in partnership with the Offices of Governor Scott Walker and Representative Mike Gallagher (R-WI) on the development of the resolution language, which is co-sponsored by Congressmen Gallagher and Danny K. Davis (D-IL).

Recognizing Fostering Futures, H.R. 443 reads, “The State of Wisconsin established Fostering Futures, a Statewide initiative partnering the State with Tribes, State agencies, county governments, and nonprofit organizations to make Wisconsin the first trauma-informed State. The goal of Fostering Futures is to reduce toxic stress and improve life-long health and wellbeing for all Wisconsinites.”

Expected for a vote within the coming weeks, H.R. 443 encourages the United States House of Representatives to (1) recognize the importance, effectiveness, and need for trauma-informed care among existing programs and agencies at the Federal level; (2) encourage the use and practice of trauma-informed care within the Federal Government, its agencies, and the United States Congress; and (3) support the designation of “National Trauma Awareness Month” and the designation of a “National Trauma-Informed Awareness Day’’ during such month to highlight community resilience through trauma-informed change.

“We are absolutely elated to see this resolution make its way into Congress,” said Carol Howard, Milwaukee-based Fostering Futures Director. “Having Wisconsin be recognized in a federal resolution as the first trauma-informed state is a testament to the hard work of many people within Wisconsin who have worked for years to raise awareness of the importance and efficacy of trauma-informed care. We are hopeful this federal recognition will encourage similar support of trauma-informed care across the nation.”

The full resolution can be viewed here.




About Fostering Futures:

Fostering Futures was organized in 2011 as an initiative of Wisconsin’s First Lady, Tonette Walker, to raise awareness about how childhood trauma can dramatically shape a person’s life. The initiative is a dynamic collaboration amongst many organizational partners who share a common vision to prevent and reduce childhood trauma while working to improve the health and well-being of Wisconsin’s children and families. Fostering Futures’ vision is that all Wisconsin children and families are thriving in nurturing communities; individuals, communities, and governing bodies integrate trauma-informed, strength-based principles into their relationships, culture, policies, and practices promoting safe, stable and nurturing relationships.


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