In August 2017, our evaluation partners at Wilder Research released key findings and lessons learned from the second phase of Fostering Futures, a trauma-informed care transformation initiative in Wisconsin. This report and evaluation focuses on the second phase (Phase II) of Fostering Futures (May 2017-October 2017).  Aligned with the Wisconsin Trauma Project, Phase II builds upon community-prioritized needs identified in the first phase of Fostering Futures work (January 2013-August 2015). Phase I was a pilot phase in which 3 communities received facilitated peer learning on trauma-informed approaches and organizational change. The participants of Phase II learning community include 21 groups or Core Implementation Teams, representing 14 county-based human service agencies and 7 state department agencies. An Executive Summary of the full report can be accessed here.  If you would like a copy of the full evaluation report, please email Fostering Futures’ Program Coordinator, Andrea Spagnoli, 


Below is a map of Fostering Future current learning community participants.